Becoming A Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer is a popular qualification as the fitness industry continues to grow.

becoming a personal trainer screenThe thinking is that if one obtains a recognized qualification it will open many doors to employment and offer progression within the industry or the establishing of a business.

Main stream fitness instructors are always in great demand as more and more gyms open and they are the core of the fitness industry and as such they will always be needed.

However out of the general demand for a fitness instructor many are looking to becoming a personal trainer because it is no longer just the rich and famous who are looking for a personal trainer.

There are lots and lots of ordinary folk who want to take a personal route to fitness and health and are looking for someone who will work with them to develop a unique personal fitness plan.

Switched on people are looking into becoming a personal trainer and meet the demand of those wanting to get in shape and lose weight and want a qualified personal trainer to guide them and motivate them on the path to fitness.

Video on becoming a personal trainer.

At the present time there’s record-high demand for  professionally-qualified personal trainers who  are talented and have good people skills throughout the world as gyms, health clubs, hotels, cruise ships and enlightened employers seek to employ those who  have the right skills, qualifications, and connections.

There is also a growth in those who have established there own business as personal trainers who are being paid retainers to work out with and personally coach motivated  people. If you are thinking about becoming a personal trainer then you should also consider being your own boss and having complete control over your future fitness career development.

You can achieve qualifications as a personal trainer in a relatively short time by enrolling in a very intensive fitness course. Many of the tutor programs offer a variety of learning environments  from an online learning experience to a class room situation.

The choice is yours according to the time and money you are willing to invest in becoming a personal trainer. The important thing is to look for the highest quality personal trainer courses from a highly ethical training company who use highly qualified instructors.

You don’t need to be working or have worked in the fitness industry to enroll in any of the fitness courses on offer. You simply need the desire to succeed and the motivation to put in some work and the willingness to invest some cash.

Becoming a personal trainer should put you in a great position to earn a good income. If you are able to relate to people and successfully train clients, making you the go-to trainer in your area. By working smarter with the right belief, attitude and discipline you will be able  to make your fitness skills count  and create your ideal work-life balance

If you are thinking of becoming a personal trainer and want to launch an exciting new career as a personal trainer either as an employed person or someone running your own business, there’s never been a better time to act!




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  1. Same! Wasn’t even relevant to what he was talking about but thinking about what Elliott was saying in a broad spectrum it actually put what was on my mind at ease also.

  2. Squat 3x week bench 3x deadlift x1 a week, eating 1g of protien per point of body weight. 200+ calories over maintenance. Why would you need a personal trainer, IT TOOK ME 2 YEARS TO FIGURE THAT OUT WASTING TIME WITH ISOLATIONS.

  3. Great video Elliott! Gave me the info that I need since I’m also interested in this field, but was lost on how to start my way up. I’ll be enrolling into the ISSA to get started, and work towards being the best trainer that I can.

  4. No, but maybe check your state regs and stuff to be sure. But I’m pretty sure that in every state it’s not required to have any college.

  5. yep. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.  btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. you can watch out here

  6. fuck no, well I mean physiology wouldn’t be a bad degree to have but I would just go straight to personal training college is too expensive.

  7. , I’m trying to lose weight and gain muscle. I started training with a personal trainer and been training for 2 months now. I work out 4 days a week for an hour and 15 mins a day. I do 50 mins of weight lifting and run 20-30 mins of jogging. We circulate around to leg day, arm and shoulder day, and stomach day. I am 6ft 4 and weigh 275 pounds and just gained another 5 pounds. I have a belly and it hasn’t been going away and I run a lot. Also when I come home I sit alot. What am I doing wrong?

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