Bipasha Basu Workout Break Free Full Routine

Watch Bipasha Basu Workout Video.

Bipasha Basu herself performs a 30 mins hardcore dance aerobic workout and shows us her cool moves and a graceful way to lose weight.
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Bipasha Basu is 5 feet 8.5 inches tall, weighs about 63 Kgs, and has the vital stats that are almost every girl’s dream, i.e.- 36-28-36. Having already released two successful fitness DVDs and at 37 years of age, Bipasha is more fit than a 25-year-old. She has one of the most desirable body shapes in the country. But for such a fab body, she follows a disciplined lifestyle and a workout plan.

Bipasha Basu, one of the fittest female actors in Bollywood, has always stressed on the importance of having a fit body. She states,“I want to live fit and healthy for 100 years.”

Fitness has always played a vital role in her life and she owes a major portion of her success to her toned and glamorous physique. She has not only made women envious of her but has also inspired them to get into shape.

Her love for fitness even saw her releasing a DVD titled –

‘ Bipasha Basu Workout  To Love Yourself ’

, which was highly appreciated by everyone. Its resounding success has inspired Bipasha so much that she has decided to release a second fitness DVD for her fans and fitness enthusiasts.

Following is one of Bipasha Basu’s fitness mantras that you can incorporate in your lifestyle:


Discipline is crucial when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Without discipline, you cannot set up a fitness regime. Having a disciplined approach in life helps you to work towards your goals with focus and determination.

Bipasha Basu workout is extremely disciplined when it comes to following her fitness regime. “I combine a lot of other modern techniques to devise a regime for myself. I also plan a routine for my friends. For a perfect body, it is important to have discipline and regular exercise.”

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