David Haye Box and Tone Fitness DVD

The david haye box and tone Video

Box & Tone is the ultimate Fighting Fit DVD.
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David Haye’s Box & Tone, is a workout DVD like no other, designed and developed by a professional athlete, yet geared to the varying needs and abilities of the general public.In this video ‘The Hayemaker’ puts over 20 years of elite-level boxing experience into creating the perfect workout for all, one that improves fitness, muscle tone, core strength and even teaches the basic mechanics of boxing moves. David has developed and perfected over the years, various moves including his trademark ‘Hayemaker’ punch.

“What makes this workout so special and unique is the fact that the people following it can be certain it works,” he said. “I’m simply teaching them a few tricks of the trade, stuff I’ve used in my own career. If it can work in boxing — one of the toughest sports in the world — then I’m sure these exercises can translate into everyday life, too.

The David Haye Box and Tone Workout Video

“This isn’t me guiding people through a rigorous training camp. Instead, every drill and exercise is suited to those at home, not world champion boxers. If you’ve never clenched a fist, skipped rope or gone for a jog in your life, it doesn’t matter – there will still be something for you in David Haye box and tone workout  .

“Very few sportsmen are as clued up on losing weight, building muscle and overall fitness as boxers, and I hope my knowledge in these areas can help the men and women of Great Britain beat the post-Christmas bulge.”

Box & Tone can either aid the development of a six-pack, tone legs, increase upper body strength, build all-round cardio levels or improve coordination to music. And, with an upbeat funk and soul soundtrack to set the mood, you’ll be fighting fit in no time.

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