How to Lose Weight Before Christmas

Knowing how to lose weight before Christmas is a simple matter of knowing what to do and putting it into practice.

How to lose weight before christmas
lose weight before Christmas

The holidays are definitely the most tempting time for dieters to overeat.

The peer pressure we feel by gathering together with family and friends who bring cookies, cakes, ham, eggnog, and other fattening foods can be overwhelming.

It’s festive tradition for us to gorge ourselves on sugary sweets, breads, and other foods that are bad for us during the Christmas season.

How to Fight Those Awful Christmas Cravings For Christmas Weight Loss

The temptation is all around us. From work parties to friends sharing time together, there is enough unhealthy food at this time of year to last us a lifetime.

The good news is that there is a difference between real hunger and simple cravings.

Lose weight before Christmas pictureThe secret is learning how to lose weight before Christmas and how to tell the difference between the two so you can fight off the urge to overeat.

Sometimes the best thing to do is simply take a step back and think about what you’re eating before you grab something off the deli platter.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself if you truly need to eat that cookie right now.

You might surprise yourself when you allow a moment to just look over your food choices, and then make a decision not to eat the foods that will cause you to gain weight.

Knowing how to lose weight before Christmas with distractions.

Distractions can really help fight off the holiday cravings.

If you’re sitting on the couch thinking about Aunt Susie’s cherry pie, the odds are you will end up eating a slice (or two). However, by distracting ourselves with other things, often you’ll find that the cravings will soon disappear.

Instead of simply imagining you’re eating tons of unhealthy food, concentrate on something else like decorating the house, reading a book, or taking a walk. Turn your attention to something else so that you are not focusing solely on the food.

weight loss by ChristmasHow to lose weight before Christmas is to be realistic in your weight loss goals this season.

Think about how much weight you want to lose, and then decide whether or not your lose weight for Christmas  goal is something you can achieve.

Better yet, many people decide they just simply want to maintain their weight over the holidays versus actually trying to diet.

Let’s face it: it can seem almost impossible to lose weight during this time of year; so just staying within your current range is an achievement.

By setting goals that are more up to par with your lifestyle, you’re not setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, you’ll be pleased once the holidays are over.

There are many different ways you can maintain your weight and keep those cravings at bay.

First and foremost in knowing how to lose weight before Christmas, is to try to cut down on your portion sizes, but don’t restrict yourself so much that you can’t enjoy a tasty snack and good company.

Instead of a huge slice of pie, simply cut it in half. Rather than piling your plate up with items from the deli tray, grab a slice of turkey and cheese and then choose healthier options like fresh fruit to fill in that blank plate space.

It may surprise you to know that by eating more, smaller snacks, you can actually fight off serious cravings AND lose weight at the same time!

Eat small snacks four to five times per day (just be sure they are healthy snacks). When you do this, the body is keeping your metabolism in check and you avoid going into “starvation mode.”

This can happen when you don’t eat for long periods of time. The body goes into a metabolic panic, and we tend to overeat.

Snack regularly on carrot sticks, apples, or other healthy foods, and you’ll see some pounds come off.

Another good tool for helping you understand how to lose weight before Christmas is to curb cravings and lose a few pounds is to keep a food diary. Simply write down every single thing you eat for each snack and meal (include all beverages), and tally up the calorie count.

This can really help you remain accountable for the things you’re eating and it just might discourage you from gorging on those Christmas foods than can cause weight gain.

As you aim to lose weight by Christmas track the foods you eat, correlate that with your weight loss and see if you can find a pattern that will encourage you to stay on track.

Finding a friend is essential to both losing and maintaining your weight, especially during the holidays. Recruit the help of a good friend who can support you as well as be a spot checker for your dieting habits. Together, you can hold each other accountable, open up a dialogue, and have fun while discovering how to lose weight before Christmas.

Studies have shown that people who have dieting and workout partners tend to stick with their healthy plans better and also get less discouraged. It is one of the factors in how to lose weight before Christmas.

Of course, don’t forget water. Water is essential for a healthy body, and is absolutely the best thing you can consume while on a diet or trying to lose weight.

Christmas weight loss

Christmas brings us lots of beverage relate temptations, from sugar and fattening eggnog to liquor or flavored coffees.

Choose water and you’ll boost your metabolism, clear your body of toxins, and see your energy levels increase.

If you do decide to partake in the celebratory glass of wine or mixed drink, be sure to do so in moderation. Once you’re done drinking for the night, follow it up with water to help flush it out of your system.

Weight-Loss fo ChristmasHow to lose weight before Christmas is to incorporate healthier cooking options into your daily and holiday regimen. Use applesauce instead of eggs when you bake cookies or brownies. Come up with sugar free treats to make this season, or opt for homemade crafts instead of food.

Think of new ways to cook old favorites that will make them healthier for your body and for your waistline. You might just discover some new how to lose weight before Christmas cooking tips that you can use all year round and not just during the Christmas season.

Positive thinking is definitely a great way to help fight the Christmas cravings. By maintaining a positive attitude, you can help stay in the spirit of the season while preventing a weight loss tragedy. Think ahead and think positive, and you will see some pounds come off.

Keep the how to lose weight before Christmas quest as a positive because if you can stay in a good frame of mind, you will definitely do much better when it comes to resisting some of the food related temptations of the holidays.

If you do happen to fall or eat too much on any one occasion, simply pick back up where you left off the next day.

Eliminate stress as much as possible.

Take a hot bath.

Read a favorite book or listen to a calm and soothing CD.

Many people who are stressed out tend to overeat, so by keeping a cool and clear head as you learn how to lose weight before Christmas you will be able to make better decisions.

Stress is not helpful to your body or your mind, so try to implement some stress-busting techniques. A day at the spa or just a nice long walk can really help to get rid of some of the stress we feel during the holidays.

Try not to reward yourself with food. This can be extremely counterproductive, particularly when you’re trying to lose or maintain weight. Instead, buy yourself a sweater you’ve been eyeing or treat the family to a night at the movies.

If you accomplish a goal whether it is big or small, never tell yourself it’s ok to eat that piece of cake today since you did so well the day before. If you do, you’re undoing the positive things you already accomplished. Instead, reward successes with other things like a new haircut or put some money in your savings.

Simple steps like these can really help you to master how to lose weight before Christmas, to eat healthier not only at Christmas, but they can also help you to change your eating habits for a lifetime.

You can resist unhealthy temptations with a little bit of practice, and soon you will find yourself actually wanting to choose the healthier

The task may feel a little daunting at first, but once it’s made into a habit, you will start to feel better and see more results.

For more help on achieving your Christmas weight loss goal click this link.

Using all of the tips here, you should be able to enjoy the upcoming holiday without worrying about weight gain because you know how to lose weight before Christmas and afterwards.