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Use Zumba Fitness Video To Look and Feel Terrific!

Zumba is a fun, effective way to lose weight and work effective exercise into your already busy schedule. Even a quick 30-minute routine can get your heart rate up. You will also work on various parts of your body all at the same time, which is the key to effective exercise.

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Basic Zumba centers around four different types of dance.  These are cumbia, merengue, reggaeton and salsa. While most intensive, hour long workouts might include a couple of sessions from each dance type. A good bet for getting in a well-rounded, 30-minute session is to rotate through one song from each type.

Once you add in a warm-up and a cooldown, you’re at the half-hour mark — it’s better than a power nap!

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 Zumba Fitness  Video Total Body Transformation System Via Dance.


Cumbia music and dance has a mix of African and Hispanic roots. At one time, it was even used as a courtship dance! Cumbia music usually has fairly distinct and often tribal drumming.


Merengue is often one of the faster sets in Zumba. But historically, merengue is also known for being extremely sensual. If you look closely, you might spot some slightly familiar moves to those seen in music videos.


Reggaeton is actually a fairly new type of music and dance. It’s a blend of Jamaican and Latin-American musical influences. In the dancing, you’ll see a lot of similarities to salsa. Everyone from Daddy Yankee to Shakira have recorded reggaeton.


Of all the Zumba dances, we’re sure you’re most familiar with the Cuban and Puerto Rican dance of salsa. Salsa revolves around one basic step and hip motion than can be altered from dancing in place to moving across the floor. It’s all about the hips and what you do with your hands!

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